CMM Services


 We have been a CMM service company for over 35 years, with experience with most major CMM models, including Aberlink, Sheffield, Brown and Sharp, Mititoyo and more. We have a large and steady customer base throughout the US who rely on us to keep their CMM systems in top shape.  We have a dedicated and meticulous service department that is certified in both ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 standards. 


CMM Maintenance and Repair

If your CMM is down, your lost revenue can add up quick.  We offer over both remote and on-site support for keeping your CMM in top shape.  We have access to many spare parts and accessories, and have experience in all varieties of machines and their components.

Relocations and Installations

If you need a used machine installed or need to move your current machine, we are here to help. Whether you need to move the machine 10 ft or 2000 miles, we can get the job done.  We offer a full assessment and calibration afterwards to ensure your new CMM is functioning to its intended specification.


CMM Calibration

CMM Calibration is the process of verifying the volumetric accuracy of the CMM, according to initial manufacturer specifications. Over time, mechanical structures and electronic instrumentation can slightly change characteristics, altering the effective accuracy of the CMM. We regularly make mechanical, electrical, and software adjustments in order to confirm the machine is measuring according to specification.     

Our calibrations take roughly 2-3 hours depending on the model and condition of the machine. Our procedure includes

  • Thorough cleaning of bearing ways, scales, and surface plate
  • Verifying proper functioning of bearings and drive system
  • Fine tuning of electronic encoder circuitry
  • Linearity and squareness adjustment and verification in all axis.
  • Provide calibration certification and next scheduled calibration


Custom Retrofits

Many of the older systems still in use today are slowly becoming obsolete, with trends towards automation and software integration. However many of the older machines have solid mechanical foundations that can be retrofitted with modern electronics and easy to use software. We have the capabilities to upgrade your old CMM to use modern software to easily measure your parts and keep track of your inspection data. We can also upgrade your manual CMM to a DCC/CNC machine if you require more automation and less room for user error.  

Training and Metrology Consulting

Whether you need help measuring a specific part or using a certain software application, we can help get you up to speed. We are familiar with a variety of software packages and basic inspection methods to assist you with your manufacturing inspection process.